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                 Aurore Bouston       Aurore BOUSTON, mezzo-soprano

      Aurore Bouston obtained the Maîtrise de Radio France Diploma before entering the Conservatory in the 16th District of Paris ; then she won the First Prize in Singing of the Léopold Bellan Competition as well as the Second Prize in the UFAM Competition.

      She studied vocal technique with J.C. Benoit, F. Kondo, G. Fix and Sophie Marin-Degor since 2000. After learning jazz and improvisation at the Atla school in Paris with Viviane Ginapé, she followed a class of musicals supervised by Marc Chevalier at the Conservatory in the 9th District of Paris, in which she received advices from Anne Denieul for the stage, Sophie Boucheron for singing and Vincent Vuittoz and Manon Landowski for interpretation.

      In 2007 Aurore was Rosalia in Bernstein’s West Side Story directed by André Roche, which has been played at the Mamers, Alençon and Le Mans theaters.

      Currently, she sings in the Cris de Paris, chamber choir directed by Geoffroy Jourdain, whose programme includes this season the show La la la, opera songs, which plays at the Suresnes theater and the Opera Comique. Aurore plays also at the Essaïon theater from January 2009, in a cabaret show, Dernière démarque.