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                 Trio Voix Liées THEIR HISTORY

      After meeting at the Maîtrise de Radio France, Louise COUTURIER, soprano, and Aurore BOUSTON, mezzo-soprano, formed a musical association with the pianist Bertille MONSELLIER in 2001 to form the Trio Voix Liées.

      Their vocation is to promote the discovery or re-discovery of French and foreign melodies for two voices, melodies that are not well know and not often sung today. Their very diversified program covers almost all the repertoire for two equal voices and piano : religious music, opera, Lied, and themes like Dances songs, Women composers, gospel and jazz.

      The trio gave about fifty concerts in Paris in places as diverse as the Museum of the Public records, the Daphné Boat, the studio Raspail, the Czech Cultural Center, the coffee Vissi d'arte, and recently the American Church, the Sorbonne's Richelieu Amphitheatre and the theater Tambour Royal. They have also performed in province : in Lyon, through Laberol Music, in Ariege with the Pro Musica association, at the gospel international festival of Chartres, and especially in the Region Centre by the means of the A Mi-Voix association.

      The artists have already recorded two discs self-produced ; both of them get a grant from the Mayor of Paris in the framework of the Paris-Young Talent operation. The second disc, Viens ..., is noticed by GaŽlle Le Gallic who invited them on her show Dans la cour des grands aired on France Musique in December 2006.

      They created in April 2008 the show Sexe, mensonges et opérettes ("Sex, lies and operettas") in collaboration with director André Roche, and gave it last summer at the festival "Paris au mois d'août" at the Tallia theater before to give it in May 2009 at the Tambour Royal theater. The trio has just released its third album, Inédits, dedicated to French melodies and operettas duets.